The W4V Team

Water4Virungas is implemented by a consortium of international, transboundary and local partners carefully selected based on their complementary skills.

1. MDF Global ensures the overall technical and financial management and monitoring of the program from the project base in Musanze (Rwanda) and its existing office in Goma (DRC) and access to a network of trusted local trainers and facilitators.

2. The Wageningen University and Research Center brings in a wealth of knowledge and local experience in IWRM (Alterra) as well as the conflict transformation expertise (CDI).

3, Witteveen + Bos brings in the engineering know-how to oversee the infrastructural aspects of the program.

4. The International Gorilla Conservation Programme, besides its physical presence in all three countries, brings in experience from smaller scale interventions that forms and is a long standing and trusted partner of GVTC and other local stakeholders.

5. The Great Virunga Transboundary Committe is the program's key beneficiary and plays a key role in bringing together local governments to collaborate on a transboundary level.

If you want to reach the W4V program or any of its team members, get in touch with us!